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Looking for a fun and exciting way for your kids to spend break? Look no further than NinjaFit’s Fall Break Camp! Our Ninja Warrior and Parkour camp is perfect for kids who want to stay active and learn new skills while having a blast.

At NinjaFit, we provide a safe and welcoming environment where kids can learn the fundamentals of ninja warrior training. Our experienced coaches will guide your kids through a variety of fun and challenging activities, including obstacle courses, ninja games, parkour and more.

In addition to the physical benefits of ninja warrior training, our fall break camp also helps kids develop important life skills such as teamwork, perseverance, and confidence. Plus, they’ll make new friends and create lasting memories.

Sign up now for NinjaFit’s Fall Break Camp and give your kids the break they’ll never forget!

Fall Break Camp – Sept 25-27

$340/for all three full days OR $80/day for Daily Drop In

$150/for all three half days OR $50/day for Drop In

Ages 5+

 Click HERE –>  https://ninjafitatl.pike13.com/offerings <– to register




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