Who We Are

Meet Thomas and Sarah Fisher – founders of NinjaFit

Both Thomas and Sarah were raised in West Cobb near Atlanta. Thomas graduated from McEachern and Sarah from Harrison. They’ve been married 19 years and have two amazing children (Tate & Emily).

How we got involved with ninja warrior

Like everyone, we love the show. As a family we curl up and cheer for the athletes (like DeShawn Harris – our coach and 5 time show contestant).

One day our daughter Emily asked if she could try it. So we visited a nearby Ninja Warrior gym and she was a natural. We immediately signed up and she’s been competing for the last four years. We saw Ninja Warrior growing in popularity as a sport and assumed that one day someone would open a gym closer to us: in or near West Cobb. Then one day we realized… That “somebody” is us!

In Summer 2021, we jumped in with both feet and started the process of making a Ninja Warrior gym a reality for West Cobb families like ours – and, we hope, yours too!

Welcome to NinjaFit. We’re thrilled to have you join us!

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From toddlers to adults, come get your competitive edge or just blow off some steam!

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Open Gym starts at 12pm
Feb 20th -24th